Our project management services leverage our years of experience in real estate development to help you streamline your project and save money. Our consultants can help you navigate hurdles and manage an effective team.


Strategy Development

  • Assist Ownership to develop clear objectives for the property

  • Assist Ownership to establish and effect building strategy/action plan

  • Assist Ownership to develop project schedule and key milestones


  • Manage, as necessary, building and unit registration/deregistration with State and City agencies

  • Manage permitting process with city agencies

  • Manage insurance policies and requirements

Financial Management and Reporting

  • Assist in development and pricing of construction and/or rehabilitation strategy

  • Provide quarterly financial reports detailing spending

  • Manage vendor invoicing, payment and reporting

  • Track actual versus planned spending

  • Provide annual report detailing hard and soft returns on investment dollars

Bid Management

  • Develop request for proposals

  • Review bids

  • Present management with bid analysis reporting

  • Award bids

Workflow Management

  • Engage subcontractors and outside vendors

  • Arrange purchasing of materials

  • Coordinate work schedule with management (in accordance with management tenant relocation strategy)

  • Manage quality control and punch-list processes